“Desi Rivaaz” the name itself defines the essence of the brand, which lies in drawing inspiration from
traditional roots whilst incorporating western influences in patterns, prints, and structures. While since it signifies the origin of the culture widely followed in the country where tradition still holds a deeprooted connection with a reflection and fusion of western from local to global.

Nowadays, fashion has gone through many drastic changes and one has a lot of choices to choose from.
The two divisions that exist in terms of fashion are Ethnic clothing and Western clothing. From the
Indian sari to the American Flannel shirts, the world is full of different varieties.

Also, mind it, it isn’t simply wearing garments we are discussing however the always “developing and
changing style patterns” that we love to add into our closets now will be easily available on this
platform… As the impact of worldwide design and attire is additionally expanding constantly which
makes the style more flexible.

Our decisions are and will keep on getting affected by what is in and what is out. Yet we can gladly say, we have the most beautiful and energetic range of design which is evergreen for turning into an extraordinary worldwide brand, attempting to be an incredible nearby brand, since we are trying to contact the style of individuals where we live in.